Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome Freaks!

This blog has been hanging around forever without much function to it. Because I'm looking for a place to publish stories and short fiction as practice writing, I decided it's time to repurpose this perfectly good site.

So, you'll find random tidbits of writing here - flash fiction, short stories, maybe just little paragraphs of dialogue that I find interesting. No real rules, but it's for things that don't fit on my regular blog. If you're interested in that, it's at Freedonia Post.

Not that anything really "fits" on my regular blog, but I'd call that my more public outlet. It's where I share things for friends and family - travel stories, rants, photos. Basically, it's my own personal Facebook wall without putting it all up for Zuckerberg's minions to wring profits from.

Anyway, November 1st is the date. That's when I start writing every day - with Saturday as the sole exception. I'll be writing in a number of forms. Blogging on Freedonia Post, working on short fiction, working on a novel (eventually), writing some non-fiction for my upcoming part-time consulting role and here, with whatever tidbits of fiction I want to rip out of my chest and cast into the flames of the web.

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